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How many pieces in your group?

The size of the group varies from a solo musician up to three pieces with members that double on multiple instruments. This means you get the advantage of an ensemble consisting of the following instruments: clarinet, keyboards, vocals, bouzouki, electric guitar, drums and hand held percussion. For more information, visit our options page

What is your fee?

Fee quotes are generally given individually to clients. Fees are based upon the event, the size of the ensemble you want and the location. All quotes are comprehensive. They include all travel and lodging expenses as necessary.

How long do you play?

For Concert Performances: We generally perform 2 to 3 hours inclusive of an intermission. If part of a larger concert featuring other acts, we work within the allotted time as outlined by the presenter.

For Greek Festivals: We perform one, two, three or four day events. In general, we perform three to four 90-minute sets each respective day of the festival. We are also able to perform live or provide equipment for recorded music for use with local dance troupes associated with the festival. Because every festival is different, we work closely with individual communities to tailor our residency to specifically meet the needs of a particular event.

For Dances and Private Affairs (wedding/baptism receptions, community dances, etc.): We generally perform for 4 hours (inclusive of breaks). The first set is guaranteed to be a minimum of one hour in duration. Your function will never suffer from long breaks that can ruin a festive atmosphere. It is our intent to provide our clients with as much live music as possible.

Do you perform at a loud volume level?

NO! We take care to perform at a reasonable volume. We are very sensitive to our audience’s comfort. We strive to balance an exciting, vibrant live performance sound centered on the dance floor with a pleasant atmosphere away from the dancing where guests may hear each other and carry on a conversation.

Do you play any American music?

We can upon request. Over the years, however, our clients have generally preferred recorded audio music. We are happy to provide recordings in a DJ-like style. Due to client preferences, our American repertoire is limited to MoTown, Oldies Rock n’ Roll, Jazz Standards and Big Band Swing. We also have a selection of International Music (Latin, German, Russian, Irish and more). Please note, however, we specialize primarily in Greek music. While our American and International selections are diverse, the majority of music we perform live is Greek.

Do you provide recorded music while on break?

YES! For Greek Festivals, we provide a diverse selection of recorded Greek music of all styles (traditional, modern, etc.). For dances and private affairs, we provide a DJ-like service playing contemporary dance music and popular hits or anything you like! All music selections are appropriate for a general audience. We are also happy to play recorded music provided by our clients during breaks. We strive to keep the event going strong even while the band is on break. Additionally, we provide appropriate, tasteful dinner and background music to set the perfect tone as your guests arrive, socialize and dine prior to our performance.

What do I need to provide for the band?

For all events, the band must have convenient access to electrical outlets providing clean uninterrupted power. The group must also have enough space for the desired size of the group. Due to instruments and sound reinforcement equipment, you will need to allot roughly 5 times the space that the number of persons hired would need if simply seated in chairs.
For outside events, the band must be located under a covering large enough to protect the instruments and sensitive audio equipment from rainfall or other inclement weather.

How does the band dress?

The band performs in coordinated dress for a neat and uniform look (generally concert attire: black shirts and black pants). It is our goal to represent ourselves to our clients and their guests in a way that does not draw attention to ourselves and that is appropriate for the event we are engaged to play.

Do you travel?

YES! We concentrate our activities, however, within the southeast region of the United States.

How do I book the band? / How do I order a recording?

The band can be reached via our contact page. Here you can request a fee schedule for live performance and/or purchase of a recording.
For bookings: Once you have selected an ensemble size and price that best suits your needs and budget, we will send two copies of our contract to you. Simply sign both copies and send one back to us with a deposit (as outlined in the contract). We can accept hard copies via US Mail but prefer electronic transmission of documents via email and payment of deposit via PayPal. Please note that dates are reserved on a first-come first-serve basis. Once you inquire about a particular date(s), you will be given first right of refusal in the event we hear from other parties interested in booking the band for the same date(s).
To purchase a recording: Simply indicate the specific recording(s) you are interested in as well as the quantity of each (as applicable). Your order will be shipped within three business days with an invoice. Payment is due immediately upon receipt.